A few words about u-picking: Specifically, we ask that folks learn how to pick without breaking off the blossom spurs; picking up those apples that fall when others are picked; and only picking from those apple trees that have been ribboned to indicate they are ripe. We will supply bags and picking poles. Also, please -- no eating while you pick!  We will gladly give you samples of our apples in the store.

But most important!  . . . You may not pick the fruit for the wonderful experience and then leave your bag.  You must return all picked fruit to the barn to be weighed and paid for.  Some people think we can sell the fruit they have picked  - but it doesn't work that way.  We can't glue them back on the tree!  So we have had to advise by signage and also verbally that not paying for all the apples you have picked is going to be considered theft. This doesn't happen very often and usually is the result of people who have eyes that are bigger than their wallet.  We can't afford to lose income this way, and it is discourteous to others who would like to pick and purchase those apples.  So, pick only what you want and pay for what you pick.  'Nuff said.

Riley's Apple Farm
Update for October 4, 2015:  It's raining!  We are still open from 10am to 4pm, but we will not be doing cider press, hayrides, or archery.  You can pick Winesap apples at the front of the farm & visit the tent store.  Then come on down the dirt road to pick Rome Beauty and Red Delicious apples, visit our pumpkin patch, have a bite to eat at our BBQ snack bar, and shop to your heart's content at Sharon's Country Store.  We're serving up hot chocolate and hot apple cider today as well. 

After this weekend, we will have u-pick apples for at least one more weekend, possibly more after that.  It's too soon to tell, but we'll announce it at the end of next weekend.  We are closed on weekdays (except for pre-booked tours) because of the light apple crop this year.  We are open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm.  Even when the u-pick stops, we'll stay open with all of our other activities, through Thanksgiving weekend.

Hope to see you on the farm!  No appointment needed.