The elevation is about 5,000 feet and is ideal for the cultivation of apples. We have four seasons, snowfall in the winter, and reasonably cool summers. While maintaining the care of trees planted as early as 1887, we currently 

U-pick  Great news! 
This year's crop is growing and it is a bumper crop. We will have Gravensteins in mid-August. Then Glen Seedlings (green, tart apples). Later, Early Fuji's and Red Delicious about the second week in September. Shortly afterward the Spartans, Jonathons and McIntosh toward the end of September. The last apples to ripen are the Romes, Winesaps, Braeburns, Fuji's Northern Spy and Yellow Newtown pippins.

In mid-July our Red Heritage raspberries start to ripen, then the wild blackberries. Although our season officially opens to the public on Labor Day weekend, you can call from mid-July on to check on ripeness and make an appointment to come up and pick. Cider pressing, wagon rides and all other tour activities begin on Labor Day weekend. 

In late October you can come up and pick your own corn (Indian Corn) and pumpkins. 

A list of our apples and their harvest times.
U-Pick Apple Schedule 

  • Raspberries  Mid to late July through September 
  • Glen seedling      Mid to late August through September 
  • Gravenstein Mid to late August through September 
  • Red Delicious     Mid-September to mid-October 
  • Early Fujis  Mid- to late-September 
  • McIntosh     Late September to mid-October 
  • Jonathan     Late September to mid-October 
  • Spartan       Late September to mid-October 
  • Rome  Early October to end of season * 
  • Winesap     Mid-October to end of season * 
  • Newtown     Pippins Late October to end of season* 
  • Northern Spy      Late October to end of season* 
  • Braeburn     Late September to late October 

*End of season is when we run out of apples or have a frost--usually by Thanksgiving