Our Photo Gallery
Cider deck.A customer took this great & joyous photo of his daughter making apple cider here.U Pick at its finest with Linda Delgado & Walker Riley.Sharon's Country Store in a blanket of snow.Small cabin.Apple tree - charming!We always say, "Lord willing and the creek don't rise, we'll be here next year!"Riley family home, built by Dennis & sons in 1978.We happily give picking lessons!Look for this sign when you want to visit our farm!A log cabin we built.U pick berries in late July!Pumpkins are ready in mid to late September.Rascal Ranch - for little ones to play house in.  It has a 2nd story!Riley lawn.We get lots of snow in the winter!Riley front porch, all decked out with icicles.Our water wheel, which you'll see turning at the cider deck.Tour groups get to stack & build a real log cabin at our Frontier Cabin Adventure.Sam cookin' up hoecakes on the griddle!A tour group filters their fresh-pressed apple cider - delicious!Frontier cabin in the Spring.Orchard, all decked out in Spring finery.More of Spring time at Riley's Apple Farm!Spring beauty in the orchard.Apple trees in lovely blossom.Picnic area in the Spring.Our pond / picnic area in the Spring.Dennis Riley's new fence; he is quite proud of it!  You don't see them like this anymore.Beautiful orchard!Do you think she hit the target?A tour group jumps rope with a rope they made here themselves.A customer shot this of our hoecakes.An apple tree.Photo blend showing our tour activities.Dennis Riley - in full 1880s regalia.Tomahawk throw."Pressing" the apple pulp to make the cider come out.These 2 young ladies tied for 1st place at one of our Corn Husk Doll making contests.She hit the bullseye!Customer helps stir the apple butter pot on Thanksgiving weekend.Carissa & Sophia at our Corn Husk Doll making contest.Our heirloom orchard.A great orchard shot.We planted this Christmas tree when it was tiny!Monthly Gospel SingHere comes Mike on the hayride!There's still gold in the hills!Our young tour guests find out what it was like to do laundry in the 1800s!Children excitedly grinding coffee beans at our Frontier Cabin Adventure tour activity.Mike prunes an apple tree in the winter.Dennis Riley made this custom table for a customer.  Do you have any furniture plans he can work on for you?Pa Riley leading the musical intro for a tour group.A scout group making a rope.Winesap orchard in full blossom - 4-1-144-1-14:  McIntosh apple trees in full blossom, as seen through the window in our brand-new office!4-1-14:  Mc Intosh orchard in full blossom, right outside Rascal Ranch.Apple trees in full blossom, with our "cottage," currently being restored / refurbished by Dennis Riley.Dennis Riley consented to having his photo taken with the 2014 apple trees in full blossom!  I told him we have too many pictures with no people in them!Cute coffee table made by Dennis Riley for a customer.Tug of War at our Frontier Cabin AdventurePatrick cooks up hoecakes over the fire.Fall colors - November 2015 - Oak Glen Road.Customers enjoying the front lawn - 2015.Here comes Mike and his hayride!  2015.Jazmin and Patrick at the cider deck.LauraLynn at the Frontier Cabin Adventure.Meagan and Dennis Riley at the theater before the musical intro starts.Fall colors 2016Jordan at the cider press 2016LauraLynn serves up some apple pie! 2016Meagan at the BBQ 2016
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Riley's Apple Farm:  the original Riley's in Oak Glen!