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Tour reservations are not considered final until we have confirmed with you by telephone.  If you do not hear from us, please give us a call at (909) 797-4061.
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What date are you requesting?  (Tours are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays.  No 4 hour tours on weekends & no weekend tours in the month of October).  Please list at least 2 to 3 acceptable dates.
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2 hour weekday:  Choose 1 1/2 hours of activities.
(first half hour is automatically assigned - Musical Introduction, where your group gets to sing along with Pa Riley and help out by playing instruments.)

2 hour weekend:  Choose 2 hours of activities.

4 hour:  Choose 3  hours of activities.  (First half hour is Musical Introduction & one half hour will be your lunch break.)

FRONTIER CABIN ADVENTURE:  60 minute activity - must have a total of 60 people in your group - includes visiting an authentic log cabin from the 1800s that is all set up for a pioneer family; writing with a quill pen; gardening & watering using an old-fashioned yoke; doing laundry the old-fashioned way, peeling apples, sawing wood with an antique saw; grinding & cooking coffee over the fire; learning to light a fire with flint & steel; playing old-fashioned games on the lawn; playing barber shop; and stacking & building a real log cabin! THIS ACTIVITY IS NOT AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS. & building a real log cabin; learning to light a fire with flint and steel.)
ROPE MAKING:  30 minute activity - Group gets to take the rope with them.
CORN HUSK DOLL MAKING:  30 minute activity - Each person gets to keep his or her doll.
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IMPORTANT:  Count numbers are crucial information.  If your count changes by 5 or more either way, call us as soon as possible so we can check & make sure we can accommodate the new total.  Also, you must pay for the amount of people you sign up for, unless you give us 3 weeks' notice of a lower count.
2 HR TOUR:  25 person min.
4 HR TOUR:  40 person minimum / 60 for cabin
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Weekend tours only:  Please choose a time slot.
We also do afternoon tours for after-school groups.  Please call us for more info.
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There is a $100 deposit for weekday tours; the weekend tour deposit is $75.  Either one is due within 2 weeks of confirmation of your tour date.  Without the deposit, we cannot guarantee your tour date.
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CANCELLATION POLICY:  You must cancel at least 3 weeks prior to your tour date.  You must speak personally to one of our female management staff to cancel a tour.  Leaving a message does not mean you have cancelled your tour.  We must be able to re-book your date, and we need the 3 weeks in order to do that.  If your group does not show up for your tour and you did not cancel with the required notice time, we will run your credit card for 100% of your tour price.  We lose income when not given adequate time to re-book a date.  We cannot allow that to happen.  Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Once your deposit is paid, your total tour balance is to be paid the day of your tour - NO EXCEPTIONS.
We accept all credit cards, cash, money orders, and / or checks.  Please collect all monies from your group
AHEAD OF TIME, so we can collect one payment from the group leader.  Thank you!
TOUR PRICING:   2 hour tours in September, October & November - $14 per person.  4 hour tour - $17 per child & $14 per adult.
ARCHERY: (Ages 8 & up) - 30 minute activity - Aim for the bulls-eye on the target!
NATURE WALK:  30 minute activity - Take a walking tour of the farm & learn about the history of the farm, what we grow here, and what grows naturally.
HISTORY OF CORN:  30 minute activity - Learn about the history of corn and grind cornmeal.
KAZOO MAKING:  30 minute activity - Make an old-fashioned noise maker & take it home with you!
CIDER PRESS:  30 minute activity - Press a gallon of apple cider on a vintage
press and drink it with your group!
CORN TO CAKE:  60 minute activity - Learn the history of corn, grind corn into
cornmeal, and use the cornmeal in a recipe for Johnny Cakes.  Bake them in our wood-burning oven, and enjoy them at the end of your tour!  (NOT AVAILABLE ON WEEKENDS)
You can add a freshly dipped caramel apple to your tour for $4 per person.  We also offer whole apple pies and lunch packages.  We will send out a food order sheet with your contract packet.
If you need extra time to shop in Sharon's Country Store, please let us know & we will adjust your schedule.  We carry a large variety of historical and present-day toys at reasonable prices.  We also carry jewelry, jams, jellies, butters, honey, hats, candy, and lots of other exciting items!
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Apple and/or berry picking may be available at the end of your tour for an additional fee (when in season).  You might wish to schedule extra time with your group & your bus drivers so your group can pick fruit.  Apples are $3 / lb & berries are $5 / pt.
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