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The elevation is about 5,000 feet and is ideal for the cultivation of apples. We have four seasons, snowfall in the winter, and reasonably cool summers. While maintaining the care of trees planted as early as 1887, we currently
Visit Sharon's Country store to shop for historical toys such as rustic slingshots, jaw harps, pop guns, harmonicas, bonnets, coonskin caps, and a whole lot more!  We also keep the store stocked with candies, jams, jellies, apple butter, sweet potato butter, and pumpkin butter.  We sell music CDs, mood rings, lotions, books, girl scout patches, antiques, tomahawks, pocket knives, archery sets, and many other notions.
Riley's Apple Farm
12201  S. Oak Glen Rd.
Oak Glen, Ca. 92399

(866) 585-6407