This page was last updated: September 8, 2020

We are the original Riley's in Oak Glen!
Remembering that tall hat?

  It's called the straw "Planter's Hat" or "Farmer's Hat.  Common among rural farmers in the 19th century the straw would offer breathe-ability, the wide brim provided shade and the tall crown let the heat off of the head like a chimney would a fire.
Coffee table crafted by Dennis Riley 


Riley's Apple Farm is the Original "Riley's" in Oak Glen.  
Ma and Pa Riley are enjoying the fruits of their labor.

 Tim Riley and his wife, Faith of Stone Soup Farm carry on tradition 
bringing to you the annual harvest, artisan crafts and autumn fun!


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If you are interested in milled wood, 
give us a call or email for an appointment.
Dennis has been turning out some beautiful pieces! 
Apple Wood available
 for crafts, BBQ & more!

Wood crafters, we have many varieties, shapes and sizes; beautiful quality.  Come and see for yourself!

Apple - Orange - Walnut - Cedar - Alder
Oak - Maple - Holly - Cherry