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We are the original Riley's in Oak Glen!
Remembering that tall hat?

  It's called the straw "Planter's Hat" or "Farmer's Hat.  Common among rural farmers in the 19th century the straw would offer breathe-ability, the wide brim provided shade and the tall crown let the heat off of the head like a chimney would a fire.
Pa Riley performing a musical intro.
Pa Riley makes a rope with a scout group.
Making apple cider.
Grinding coffee beans the old-fashioned way.
U-pick at its finest!
Remember where to go for all your wood and furniture needs  - THE SAWMILL - right here at Riley's Apple Farm!  Planks, boards, apple wood for smoking meats, custom furniture, etc.  Native wood - plenty of varieties.
Coffee table crafted by Dennis Riley 


Riley's Apple Farm is the Original "Riley's" in Oak Glen.  
We are set on a cozy three acres in mile-high Oak Glen - California's "Apple Country".  You will find us easily on Oak Glen Road nestled behind Willowbrook Farm and
 Stone Soup Farm; with our distinct roadside sign, you won't miss us!

This season, Ma and Pa Riley are enjoying the fruits of their labor 
by entering into a cooperative with their youngest seedling, Tim Riley and his wife, Faith of Stone Soup Farm. This will allow Ma and Pa to enjoy the farm and guests, without the demands of labor.  Guests will enjoy the benefit and ease of seasonal picking at both farms, a variety of activities and the charms of our family traditions.

As in the decades before, we look forward to seeing your family, hearing the laughter of your children and delighting with you as you come to enjoy the farms and enrich your family with our traditions of the past.    

*Note:  due to the high demand of our tours, and in conjunction with the Stone Soup Farm cooperative, 
we have streamlined the tour choices  to bring you complete tour packages ripened with core education concepts

Frontier Cabin Tour
Visit and authentic 1800's cabin, equipped with all the daily necessities for a pioneer family.  Experience the American frontier through various workshops and activities.

Harvest Homestead
Come celebrate the apple harvest with us, discovering what life was like on a late 19th century farm.  Enjoy the daily adventures of a homesteading family, learning from their skills and craftsmanship.​

Young Homesteaders
A taste of the apple farmer's life for younger guests.  
A shorter program, but still packed with all the wonder and enrichment.

​Use the links on each tour package for more information or Click Here.


November 8th, Tickets and Link coming soon

Our Trading Post Store
If you are interested in milled wood, 
give us a call or email for an appointment.
Dennis has been turning out some beautiful pieces! 
Apple Wood available
 for crafts, BBQ & more!
Charms of the Farm
A family shucks corn together.

12201 S. Oak Glen Road
Oak Glen - Yucaipa, CA

School Tours:  



-Glen Seedling-
-Red Delicious-


Wood crafters, we have many varieties, shapes and sizes; beautiful quality.  Come and see for yourself!

Apple - Orange - Walnut - Cedar - Alder
Oak - Maple - Holly - Cherry 
It's Apple Season!  Come on up and make memories!  
Open Saturday and Sunday 10a to 4p